About Us

Serving with integrity since 1976.



BAR Construction Company began February 4, 1976 by John Bonitz, Boyd Allred, and Ed Robinson, (thus how we became known as ‘BAR’ Construction). The company grew and was sold to businessman Dick Howard who realized that young employee Glenn Hodges, could be ideal to carry on the company legacy. In 1999 after quickly excelling at BAR, Glenn purchased the organization. Founder, Boyd Allred had a motto: “never lie to a client” and that continued through the history of the company to be one of Glenn’s favorite ‘words to live by’ and he continues to promote that motto today.


At BAR Construction, our mission is to build superior quality projects so that:

CUSTOMERS recommend us to others

SUBCONTRACTORS & SUPPLIERS are drawn to us based on our integrity

EMPLOYEES are accountable to each other

MANAGEMENT/OWNERSHIP invests back into the company to support consistent improvement,  growth and employee safety on the job



Our key values at BAR Construction Company that are evident in each element of our mission are:

  • Honesty

  • Dependability

  • Support of one another

  • Family like atmosphere

The Bar Construction Team

The staff at BAR Construction Company is here to assist you with any of your needs, and to make sure your experience with BAR is in every way pleasant. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

Thank you for the photo book from Phase 1 here at Barber Park. We’ve had over 26,000 folks use the Spray Ground this summer and the picnic shelters set a record for revenue from rentals. Everyone has been very pleased with the work done by BAR for us. Jeff, Mark, and all of the guys who worked on the project did a wonderful job that will serve the City for many years to come.”

— Eddie Pugh-Barber, Park Manager


  • North Carolina Unlimited Building License

  • North Carolina Unlimited Highway/Grading License

  • Virginia Unlimited Building License

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